Saturday, April 25, 2015

Easy Masking Tape Art with my 2 year old!

I have been really wanting to do an abstract art piece with my 2 year old and I have found the perfect way to achieve a clean unmuddy look; MASKING TAPE! It is so simple and the sky is the limit with the designs you choose to mask out.

I choose a simple herringbone design and set to work placing the masking tape down. This part took about 20 minutes and was kind of tedious.

Next you need to chose 3-5 different colors of acrylic paint. I choose cool colors and a bright pop of yellow. WARNING: Acrylic stains, so cover the area with paper towels and have wet wipes ready! I chose acrylic because you don't have to worry about the paint flaking off later on and it looks a little more professional.

I then dabbed the colors randomly over the canvas, handed my daughter the paintbrush and let her go to town. After about 5 minutes she was done.

I then let the painting dry but before I removed the masking tape I chose a few rectangles to add gold accents. Easy Peasy! Then you remove the masking tape and Ta-Da, "Toddler-Made Art"!

A little bleeding when viewed up close, so next time I might chose a differnt painters tape:-)