Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hexipuff Mania!

If you knit you have probably heard of the famed Beekeepers quilt created by Tiny Owl Knits. This whimsical quilt is created by knitting many (MANY) smaller units, called Hexipuffs, together. The result is a gorgeous patchwork of multicolored yarn that provides tons of warmth.

Living in Southern California we don't really need warm blankets/mittens/scarves because it doesn't get that cold. So I decided to use the Hexipuffs to create a nice cushion for my Rocking Chair. Which is awesome because I only need to knit 30-35!

Here are a few I have already knitted up. I've been using Paton's Kroy Sock Yarn in Meadow and so far I adore the bright happy colors!

This really is a great knit for those who need something small that they can just pick up and work on for a few minutes at a time! Plus there are SO many cute designs and pattern you can knit into them! I'm thinking of adding some cute little hearts myself. Happy Knitting!