Saturday, February 25, 2012

#6 Carrot and Onion Slaw and It's this special thing they do in Sweden

Let me begin by saying this is a delightful addition to anyone's kitchen because it is so versatile.You can eat it on a burger, a potato, on salad, on sandwiches, in tacos, on EGGS! This would be amazing atop an egg sandwich, Mmmm, creamy egg yolk and vinegar...yes, yes my pretty.

Does anyone ever feel like a weirdo when they introduce someone to one of their concoctions? For instance, the thought of eating this slaw atop an egg makes me all gooey inside however if I told anyone this I feel like they would balk and refuse my delicacy.

So I devised a plan to prevent these awkward occurrences. Anytime someone questions your, ahem, unique palette just say, "It's this special thing they do in Sweden". That's it!  I have created an example below.

Me: Dude, wanna try these super yummy egg sandwiches I made?
Sister: What is that stuff?  **Points to slaw**
Me: Oh that? it's this special thing they do in Sweden.
Sister: In Sweden? Well then it must be cool.
Me: YEA! **squints eyes and points a fork towards sister** You'll eat it and you'll like it!

All right let's get down to the nitty gritty.  This type of preservation method is called a dry pack.  Meaning you pack everything into the jars with no liquid at first.  Once packed you dump boiling vinegar over everything.

Carrot and Onion Slaw adapted from Put a Lid on it.

Alls you need:

4 cups matchstick carrots, chop em up as best you can
2 cups julienne red onion
3 cloves thinly sliced garlic
1 Tablespoons dried oregano
1 Tablespoons dried basil
1 Tablespoons fine salt
1 Teaspoon black pepper
1/2 Teaspoon. red pepper flakes
16 oz. white wine vinegar

First you have to chop everything up and dump it in a big bowl (expect the vinegar, silly).  Then you gotta put all the spices in the bowl.  Make sure you have your jars sanitizing while you do this.

 Then you are gonna heat up that white wine vinegar until its boiling.  Meanwhile pack your jars with the carrot/onion mixture.  Dump the vinegar into the jars and then process according to your altitude.  For me 10 minutes.

Now think of all the weird mofo stuff you can put this on!  I could not wait so I put some of the extra slaw on an open sammie with roast beef.  Yea Baby!  And the thing I love most?  It's canned so it'll last months, maybe years? outside the fridge (until opened)!