Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Playing dress up.

So, if you have canned your own food then you know it's important to label and date it.  Sure you could just grab some masking tape and scribble the info on it but what if you want to give this as a gift? 

This week I've been working on creating some cute homemade labels AND you don't need a printer (Have you seen the prices of printer ink?!).

Alls you need is:

Some sticky labels (you could choose many different shapes and sizes).
Ink pad/paints

I decided to do a variety of designs on my labels.  I think the best stamps to use are small and can be repeated over and over.  I also tried to use lighter inks so my writing would show up over it. Oh, and sometimes you can find cute stamps on clearance at target, just check near their scrapbooking section.

So have a little fun and purty up them there jars!